Midwinter 2018 Prayer Team

There is a team of 6 people from field is praying regularly for MidWinter 2018 in Jacksonville, FL. They are praying that the Spirit will prepare their hearts and minds during the months leading up to the event, praying for Soul Care appointments (both the provider and the participant), while also praying that those who most need Soul Care appointments will have the courage and means to sign up.

“Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always." - 1 Chronicles 16:11

Onsite at MidWinter:

  • Rather than facilitating a typical “morning prayer hour” our team will be constantly (in rotating shifts) circulating throughout the venue interceding for those that God brings to their mind.
  • During registration the team will be present in the lobby (undeclared) quietly praying on behalf of each participant as they enter and register/secure hotel room.
  • A dedicated Prayer Suite will be available to MW attendees with the prayer team taking shifts praying over it and being present to engage with those desiring prayer.
  • Prior to each General Session, members of team will engage in prayer with those involved on stage.
  • During each General Session, the team will be interspersed in room interceding for those around them.
  • After each General Session, the team will circulate with an eye for those who might want to engage with them in prayer.
  • Each day the team will be practicing “seeking His Face always” on behalf of all who participate in MW 2018